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Dont you feel the love of cunts?

Sorry this is so long. But hey this group is
for Ian and what we do for him
so hell.

G0neSkank1n: Hey stupid cunt

imtheoneforian: who the hell is this?

G0neSkank1n: I like to stalk you, and tell everyone how much I am in fucking love with you

imtheoneforian: hahaha fuck off

G0neSkank1n: Oh but I love you
G0neSkank1n: Dont you love me?

imtheoneforian: i only have eyes for ian

G0neSkank1n: Ha Ian is mine
G0neSkank1n: He doesnt love you
G0neSkank1n: He never will

imtheoneforian: fuck off
imtheoneforian: hes all mine

G0neSkank1n: take your own advice
G0neSkank1n: Well lets see..who would be attracted to a slutface whore
G0neSkank1n: who wont stop IMing you
G0neSkank1n: and acts like they are two
G0neSkank1n: and harrsing you
G0neSkank1n: Lets see thats VERY attractive

imtheoneforian: we are one, he just doesnt know it

G0neSkank1n: No sweetheart you just cant believe that you arent
imtheoneforian: what the hell are you and OMG thenKitasaid the same fucking person???
G0neSkank1n: I am a human...and what the fuck does omgthenkitasaid the same fucking person mean?
G0neSkank1n: I am not whoever that person is

imtheoneforian: right

G0neSkank1n: If your attempting to "win" Ian's heart. You lost it back when you IMed him and started this stalker shit
G0neSkank1n: Meh I have no reason to lie to you
G0neSkank1n: Its not me
G0neSkank1n: So you've lost all chance with him. And maybe if you ever want another boyfriend I would try a different attempt at trying to get them
G0neSkank1n: So why are you doing this shit?
G0neSkank1n: No answer?

imtheoneforian: thats ok

G0neSkank1n: Hm..well it seems like you had a lot to say earlier
G0neSkank1n: to Ian

imtheoneforian: i only need one

G0neSkank1n: as in your hand?
G0neSkank1n: or are you meaning your pet?

imtheoneforian: i'll see him at school and that'll be the end of him talking to sanford kids
imtheoneforian: ytou wait and see

G0neSkank1n: HAHAH stupid bitch
G0neSkank1n: I'm going to drop kick you with spikes on my shoes

imtheoneforian: i will be waiting

G0neSkank1n: Its because of sluts like you, that girls have the bad rep that we got
G0neSkank1n: Good thing cuntface I dont live in Sanford.

imtheoneforian: then where do you live cuntface
imtheoneforian: y not talk?

G0neSkank1n: hah wow..Didnt think you could get any lamer with this whole "stalking" thing but now you are attempting to talk like me? Wow. Why would it matter to you where I live? Will it make a difference on how much anus cum you eat?
G0neSkank1n: Or how many guys you will try to get to fall madly in love with you?
G0neSkank1n: As I can see thats working out really...well

imtheoneforian: there is only one thats all i need

G0neSkank1n: lmao...Are you a Lesbian?
G0neSkank1n: Did you have childhood..problems? Liek your father sleep with you
G0neSkank1n: or even your mother?
G0neSkank1n: Maybe you were left in the middle of the desert.
G0neSkank1n: Were you shot?
G0neSkank1n: This just isnt normal

imtheoneforian: well my dad is dead and actually he killed himself but thats bewside the point i think
imtheoneforian: he shot himself in the stomach actually

G0neSkank1n: Hmm so maybe you are feeling a need to stalk people and act like a pshyco cunt?

imtheoneforian: noooo

G0neSkank1n: no wait I mean stalk the love of your life Ian because by you stalking him and harrasing him and his friends and telling him how much his friends are whores and Iming constanly and probably wacking off to the image of him at night will make him love you? Great Plan! MAYBE I should try that
G0neSkank1n: oh and by the way..your father told me that he killed himself because he knew what kind of child he brought into this world. The day you were born it was rainning,. Do you know why? because even God was crying.

imtheoneforian: how would you know if you dont live in sanford?

G0neSkank1n: How would I know how much of a slutly cunt face you are? Oh I can SMELL it through the computer..just the way you type tells me, "THIS IS A SLUTLY CUNT"

imtheoneforian: well we have something in common then

G0neSkank1n: Hm..wow not only are you a cunt bag..you are ignorant. That made no sence what so ever
G0neSkank1n: I have nothing in common with you.
G0neSkank1n: Sorry.

imtheoneforian: .just the way you type tells me, "THIS IS A SLUTLY CUNT"

G0neSkank1n: But I would never relate you to me. Thats like trying to tell an asian kid he is black

imtheoneforian: i feel the same about you

G0neSkank1n: Good then maybe you will take my advice and get your own life and stop ruining others. Obviosuly since we are not alike-and you are ignorant cunt, and I'm the smart one..mayvbe you should listen
G0neSkank1n: I would mail you a gun but you'd probably hold up the fucking school

imtheoneforian: yeah you are smart... you cant think of anything to say besides cunt

G0neSkank1n: acutally I can
G0neSkank1n: and I have
G0neSkank1n: But, cunt just rolls off the tongue so well and fits you very well

imtheoneforian: but nothing worth mention

G0neSkank1n: Read back. I called you slutly and a whore and said you like to eat anus cum..that should say enough right there
G0neSkank1n: oh yes and I believe I called you a bitch
G0neSkank1n: and if not
G0neSkank1n: bitch

imtheoneforian: inever did anything with ian though that was melissa which is y i was talking to hre before you jumped in

G0neSkank1n: Why does it matter to you? Its not your fucking buisness
G0neSkank1n: you know
G0neSkank1n: I hope he sleeps with every girl in Sanford
G0neSkank1n: except you

imtheoneforian: well then im not youre

G0neSkank1n: and makes you fucking watch
G0neSkank1n: so maybe you will do us all a favor
G0neSkank1n: and shot yourself
G0neSkank1n: maybe slit your wrists and watch the blood fall
G0neSkank1n: I hope he dates every fucking girl except you
G0neSkank1n: and they all laugh in your face for being a stupid slutly whore bag cunt anus licker

imtheoneforian: so you want him to date you>
imtheoneforian: ?

G0neSkank1n: I've known Ian longer than you have and we have already dated shitface
G0neSkank1n: Hmm I hope that makes you cut yourself tonight. Just knowing that I dated him and you havent..just the fact knowing that you will never have him makes you cry at night

imtheoneforian: then what is your name?

G0neSkank1n: and makes you write emo poems

imtheoneforian: i hate emo kids

G0neSkank1n: How will that change anything?
G0neSkank1n: oh I guess you hate yourself stupid bitch

imtheoneforian: i dont cut i cry

G0neSkank1n: I bet.
G0neSkank1n: I hope you cry your eyes out till you cant see and your heart breaks till you will want to cut it out

imtheoneforian: i bet the breakup sucked and that you are jealous that i actually have a chance

G0neSkank1n: hahah no it didnt. And the best part is I'm not the least bit because I know he doesnt like you and wont EVER like you. He would rather fuck a beetle before he would ever even concider dating you

imtheoneforian: how can you know if you dont know my name?
imtheoneforian: not that i would tell you

G0neSkank1n: What does your name have to do with how much of a fuckface you are?
G0neSkank1n: I dont care if your name is god
G0neSkank1n: that wont change who you are
G0neSkank1n: A slutly pshyco bitch who belongs in a mental hospital because she is planning to kill her selfd
G0neSkank1n: because Ian Sisk wont date her
G0neSkank1n: great headlines

imtheoneforian: i never said that
imtheoneforian: so maybe on the national inquirer

G0neSkank1n: "Girl dies Tradigly in suicide...Stalked a guy who didnt love her back"
G0neSkank1n: Oh I bet you will though I bet you will

imtheoneforian: how much? i need the money.....
imtheoneforian: to go up there and kick your ass

G0neSkank1n: So you can support your drug habits?
G0neSkank1n: aw
G0neSkank1n: I'm so scared
G0neSkank1n: a stalker

imtheoneforian: you should be

G0neSkank1n: is going to try to hurt me

imtheoneforian: not try, i am very resourceful

G0neSkank1n: yeah well I'm not haha
G0neSkank1n: Hm I bet

imtheoneforian: but that will come in time

G0neSkank1n: Your a great subject changer though...Now back to how much of a whore you are
G0neSkank1n: I hope your mom kills herself too

imtheoneforian: what did i do top be a whore

G0neSkank1n: Hmm lets see STALKING?
G0neSkank1n: you are a fucking stalker

imtheoneforian: thats not slutty though

G0neSkank1n: Oh yes it is
G0neSkank1n: When you have to lower your standards that much

imtheoneforian: w/e

G0neSkank1n: your a stupid whoreface
G0neSkank1n: I dont care what you say
G0neSkank1n: when you are to a point

imtheoneforian: go to webster.com and look up whore

G0neSkank1n: I know what whore means ktahnks

imtheoneforian: thats not what it mena

G0neSkank1n: that much
G0neSkank1n: you are a whore
G0neSkank1n: you would do anything Ian asked you to do
G0neSkank1n: so yes
G0neSkank1n: you are a whore

imtheoneforian: hes low standards then you have low standards too because you went out with him

G0neSkank1n: Actually, thats not low standards. When I'm not a cunt stalker.
G0neSkank1n: You dont even know how long we dated for, you dont know anything about me.
G0neSkank1n: At least when he dated me..he wasnt worried about me watching him through hsi window
G0neSkank1n: and trying to IM him on sn's and tell him how much I am madly in love with him
G0neSkank1n: At least..I HAD him unlike you. Unlike you EVER will
G0neSkank1n: I didnt have to pretend to be something I'm not. I didnt have to fucking act like charles manson to get him to go out with me
G0neSkank1n: Is this all too much for you to understand?
G0neSkank1n: Do I need to speak with smaller words?

imtheoneforian: nah, but i prefer micheal jackson to charles manson, if you dont mind, he was a better stalker, i mean he did get acquited on all counts so yeah
imtheoneforian: guten nacht

G0neSkank1n: Micheal didnt stalk.

imtheoneforian: w/e
imtheoneforian: i dont kill

G0neSkank1n: And I guess you dont know anything about Charles Manson wither
G0neSkank1n: either*
G0neSkank1n: His "family" had the best stalkers. Ever.
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