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We wish you broke your neck on that jump!

but you didn't...damn

God fuck it Ian, STFU.
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Affection, Infection, Vacation, Masturbation

WTF IS?!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1?!!!!
godianstfu was made for you to rant about Ian "een" Sisk. Whether it's a rant about something you and him did, are doing, was going to do, wish you could do, a place to post "fan-art," banners, home-made videos of/with Ian, good times you two have had, answers and rumor control, questions for Ian, and so on. This community is not based on ego or conceitedness, it's just a place to post about what you mean to Ian and what he means to you.

RESPECT US . . . . . . . . . . .
Nikita manic_street, Megan iamconfused1102, Kit grenville
maintainer Ian Himself _chemicalkid

- DO NOT promote ANY community without permission from _chemicalkid. your post will be rejected. Second time, you'll be banned.
- DO NOT bitch about your post being rejected in the moderators personal journals. you will be banned with no warning.
- More, in-depth, rules (click here *currently disabled) - rules will be created when moderators see fit.

SIDE NOTE . . . . . . . . . . . .
1) The things listed in the interests section are answers from random friends and family on the question: "What are the top ten things that remind you of Ian?"
2) Banners & Promotions

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